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Leave from the port of Grau du Roi on the canal in the direction of Aigues Mortes. Cross the port and along the ramparts from where King Saint Louis left on crusade. Travel through the salt pans of the Midi and the pink flamingo ponds. Through the lift bridge at Grau du Roi and its fishing port and trawlers and on to the Vidourle river with its flood gates (a work of art) and the Rhone –Sete canal.

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Cruises through Petite Camargue


Two courses

Extension of the red cruse
Standard cruse

Touristic attractions


  • Lift bridge of Grau du Roi and its fishing port and trawlers

  • Vidourle river and its flood gates and the "Rhône à Sète" channel

  • The Tower of Constance and the walls of Aigues Mortes, its harbour and the Salin de Midi

  • Pink Flamingos, bulls, horses (not all the year round) and the typical Camargue nature and wildlife



  • All the touristic attractions of the standard cruse and the tower "Tour Carbonnière"

We reserve the right to change routes due to weather conditions or shedule of the lifting bridge

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