All about the Escapade

Surface of the boat : 21,14 m2

Outside terrasse : 24 m2
Decoration : modern
Air conditioning / heating


  • Sound system

  • Built-in Pioneer speakers   (main hall)

  • Yamaha speakers on the aft deck

    mixing desk with CD player, MP3 and AUX input

  • wireless mic with belt pack and headset with mic.

  • DJ or group connection on DI(direct injection) box with XLR


Light in the boat 

  • Built in cold white LED blade lighting 

    LED RGB indirect lighting without plexiglas

    LED RGB direct floor lighting

Eclairage pont arrière

  • LED RGB 50W COB projector



  • Projection sur écran LED 117>cm

  • Connexion HDMI



  • 230v power from pure sine wave inverter.

  • perfectly regulated current allows connection of computers or any equipment susceptible to electrical interference.

  • maximum capacity 30A

  An event exclusive for you  


Your private or professional events

The modularity of the boat allows you to consider all possible arrangements for your private or corporate events.


The modern décor of the Escapade, its spacious deck and its inbuilt technology will guarantee a successful event.


·   Cruise and dinner
·   Cruise cocktail 
·   Private party / Wedding
·   Workshops
·   Business Breakfast

·   Manager meeting
·   Organazations

·   Show Room / Promotion
·   Incentives
·   Transfer aperitif to another place









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